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Kettle Care and Use

We know you will love and look after your kettle with as much care that has gone into making it. 

To get started, fill your kettle to just below the seam, boil and then discard this water, after this your kettle is ready to make a welcome cup of tea. Any slight discolouration after boiling is normal and can be removed with a soft cloth soaked in warm water. 

Cleaning your kettle is easy. Use a soft cotton cloth and brass or silver polish to keep the lovely shine. Never use an abrasive material as this will leave scratches on the surface. Avoid using lemon juice or vinegar as these are acidic and can also damage the finish. 

TIP: We like Brasso for our copper kettle, but you can use Hagerty 100 All Metal Polish for both our copper and chrome plated kettles.

Descale the interior of your kettle using a non-acidic de-scaler, and again please don't be tempted to use lemon juice or vinegar as the 100% lead-free tin lining can be damaged.

TIP: We use filtered water to prevent scale build up, it also makes our tea taste nicer. Do not let water sit in your kettle overnight, as this can cause limescale build up. 

You will notice a rattle that comes from the spout on the Kensington, Highgrove and Buckingham models - don't worry - there is a small ball and valve in the spout which is part of the whistling mechanism. In essence the ball prevents the steam leaving the spout, forcing it up through the lid through which the lovely whistling sound is made. The whistle on the Beehive kettles fits onto the spout. Please see the video below.

The very best way to heat water in your kettle is to fill the kettle to just below the seam, this is safer for pouring boiling water and will ensure the whistle will work. If you have a gas stove, place the kettle over the centre of a small burner, ensuring the flame does not reach the coil (on the Buckingham and Balmoral models). Please avoid letting the flame run up the side of your kettle as this will cause discolouration and could damage the coil casing. 

TIP: Our kettles are designed to work on a medium heat, so you can save energy by not having your burner on full blast. 

Last but not least - listen to your kettle, when it whistles turn off the heat so that it doesn't boil dry, this will prevent damage to the lining, and likewise avoid filling a hot kettle with cold water. 

If you need any more information about caring for your kettle please contact us at

Frederick Bloomer and Charles Herbert Newey Newey & Bloomer Ltd +44 (0) 121 285 5600
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