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Genuine Simplex

Genuine. Authentic. Original. 

Newey & Bloomer, established in 1850 first designed the Simplex tea kettle in 1903. Like many quintessential, leading brands, we are somewhat flattered that some companies try to copy what we do.  However, we are passionate and committed to ensure that you are not misled and supplied with anything other than an authentic, handmade Simplex tea kettle from Newey & Bloomer - the original British manufacturer and the only company authorised to use the Simplex international trademark. 

Amazon, copycats and 3rd party sellers

It has been brought to our attention that there are several third party sellers on and other online platforms and companies that are referencing the Simplex trademark. Newey & Bloomer are the only company manufacturing genuine Simplex Kettles and continue to handmake in England as we have been since 1903. 

When purchasing it is important to note where the product is being 'shipped from and sold by' which is clearly stated in the header for each product that is sold on or from any other online marketplace platform as it is possible you may not be receiving genuine products and therefore will not be covered by our warranty or verified as an authentic Simplex Kettle by Newey & Bloomer. 

Before you buy

If you are in any doubt, contact us at [] before you purchase to verify if the seller is one of our exclusive partners. 


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