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Simplex St Paul's No. 3


    The clean, contemporary lines of the St Paul’s Simplex tea kettle are as on-trend today as they were when they were first designed in the 1950s.  Handmade in England from the finest copper - the best conductor of heat to ensure a faster boil and greater heat retention – every Simplex tea kettle is unique and takes over a month to produce. 

    Combining age-old hand-spinning techniques that have been passed down within Newey & Bloomer for over 100 years, it takes over a month to produce each Simplex tea kettle and is proudly stamped ‘Made in England’ on the base. 

    The Newey & Bloomer patented spout design is curved in all the right places to ensure an even pour, will whistle obediently through the lid when the time is right and the easy-to-maintain chrome-plated exterior projects a mirror-finish.   The simple things in life - like taking time out for tea - are made just that little bit more special with a Simplex tea kettle by Newey & Bloomer. 

    For more information on how we make our kettles click here.

    • All Simplex Kettles by Newey & Bloomer are 100% lead-free
    • 100% Solid copper kettle body
    • Magnificent mirror chrome plated exterior
    • Newey & Bloomer signature spout with centre seam, birds mouth spout, designed to give a perfect, even pour.
    • Whistles through the lid when water reaches boiling point.
    • "Stay cool" hand turned, high gloss solid beechwood handle
    • Handmade in England by master copper artisans
    • Suitable for Gas or Electric stoves. 
    • 12 Month Warranty
  • Materials

    • Manufactured in England with a 100% copper body
    • Chrome plated exterior
    • Solid brass embellishments (nuts and handle brackets)
    • 100% tin lined
    • Hand turned, beechwood handle


    • Capacity - 1.7 liters or 1.9 quarts
    • Width: 10"
    • Depth: 8"
    • Height: 9"

    Newey & Bloomer Simplex tea kettles are all handmade and as such, overall dimensions may vary slightly from those shown above.

  • Do:

    • Hand wash only and dry with a soft cloth
    • Copper is an exceptional material in the kitchen and, when maintained properly, your Simplex tea kettle can be expected to last for generations.

    Do Not:

    • Let the Simplex tea kettle boil dry
    • Clean with any acidic cleaning agents
    • Scrub with steel wool or abrasive cleaning cloths/brushes or pads as this can lead to irreparable damage.
  • I'm afraid we have no videos of the St Paul's No. 3 to share with you at the moment but be sure to pop back soon!

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